SmoothieBoard 3X and 0X

SmoothieBoard 3X and 0X  


The 3X Smoothieboard is a CNC controller board for laser cutters and CNC mills, 3 stepper motor drivers, 2 MOSFETS and Ethernet

The 0X Smoothieboard is a CNC controller board intended for use with external drivers and peripherals ( no peripherals on board ).


The 3X Smoothieboard comes in several variants. Most users get the 3XC.

  • The 3XC comes with board-side connectors pre-soldered and associated wire-side connectors in a bag
  • The 3XM comes with connectors unsoldered but all present in a bag ( both board-side and wire-side )
  • The 3X comes with no connectors so that you can solder your own connectors.

Note if you want the 3XM, go to the 3X page and choose the "Complete" option.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

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