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Here you can purchase our famed Smoothieboard controller as well as any related accessories you might need.

We also sell full digital fabrication machines with the Smoothieboard controller pre-integrated, for example Laser cutters, CNC mills and giant 3D printers.

If you are looking for a machine not listed here or need help with anything, don't hesitate to contact us.


The Smoothie project is built by a very large community of volunteer contributors from all around the world.

The project consists of a controller board, the « brain » of your digital fabrication machine, and the firmware which is the software that runs on it.

Our company participates in the project, and produces, tests and sells the Smoothieboard controller.

A few highlights :

  • Uses powerful hardware, and is highly optimized to take advantage of it
  • Modular construction means it can control many machine types : lasers, CNC mills, 3D printers and many more.
  • Also means it's easier to adapt it to do new things.
  • Open-Source and community-built
  • Easy configuration : no editing source code or compiling as with common alternatives.
  • Best documentation around by far, beginner oriented but also exhaustive
  • Network support

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Fabrication machines

We also sell full machines with our system pre-installed.

This allows us to provide you with machines at a lower price while still maintaining a high level of quality, functionality and features.

We handle everything for you including delivery, installation and teaching you everything about the machine.

We are also capable of customizing the machines to your needs, simply drop us a message.

We make both laser cutters and CNC routers :


Due to it's high processing power our controller is particularly apt at laser cutting and engraving

All of our lasers come with long-life CO2 tubes, ensuring low maintainance work and cost

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Our system has high compatibility with modern CAM packages and other software, and it's modularity allows to adapt it to any particular hardware setup

Our machines are designed for ease of use, increased automation and lower human workloads

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